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The ORIGINAL Hilary Duff Icons Community

For all of your icons and graphics needs

Lizzie McGuire & Hilary Duff Icons
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This is an icons community. The theme is Lizzie McGuire, but you may post icons/graphics/mood themes relating to any aspect of the show, including the individual actors and actresses. Anyone is welcome to join and post their work, and if you just want to join so you can snag icons/graphics, that's fine too! Any questions can be directed to the maintainer, beginningtoday.

>> Rules
1. When you post icons/graphics, make sure that you state whether or not you want credit for the icons. If someone says they do, you must give credit in your keywords. If you are caught not doing so, you will be banned. You absolutely may not post others' work anywhere else or pass it off as your own unless you are given permission by the artist.

2. When posting large graphics or a lot of icons, use an LJ-cut.

3. You may make requests, but don't get mad if no one wants to make them for you. This is not a request community and no one here is required to make requested graphics for you.

4. Posts are unmoderated, but if the community starts getting a lot of spam, I'll make them moderated again. Also, if you'd like to make your post friends-only so you have a better idea of who's taking your icons, that's completely okay. Do NOT post advertisements for any communities without asking the moderator first.

>> Extras
Looking for Hilary info, or wanting to chat with other Hilary fans? Head over to all_hilary, a great community for Hil. Want to get Hil pictures on your friends page every day? Join duff_daily!

Don't know what it means to credit in keywords or how you go about doing it? Here is a great tutorial.